Top 9 Best Flip Screen Cameras for Vlogging – Buyers Guide

Best Flip Screen CamerasAre you a vlogger a.k.a video blogger? Well, flip screen cameras are then one of your prime interests. Let’s face it. If you are into vlogging and if you are not using one of the flip screen cameras, you are surely missing out a lot of fun. Since the early vlogging days (not a very long time ago), flip screen cameras were one of the prime choices for vloggers to use. There are certain benefits associated with these types of cameras and then there are some other reasons to think about too.

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In this article, we will talk about 9 of the best flip screen cameras that you will ever find for vlogging. Most of the professional and popular vloggers around the world today use one or the other of these 9 vlogging cameras but before we get to the reviews, let’s address one basic question.

Quick Comparison: Top 9 Best Flip Screen Cameras

What is a Vlogging Camera?

A lot of people think that a vlogging camera is a regular camera that is used for self-video purposes. This is true but then again, there are certain cameras that can do the job better than the rest. Thus, the invention of vlogging cameras in the market. These are the cameras with a screen that flips so for example, if you have a DSLR with flip out screen or a regular camera with a flip screen then you can think of that as a vlogging camera.

What is the benefit of having such type of a camera? The major benefit is that you can always see yourself when you are recording. This is a benefit that you do not get in a regular camera. Other than that, there are certain other benefits like clear pixels and quality audio receiving which will make your journey as a vlogger even more awesome.

Now, let’s face it. You are not here to read what a vlogging camera is. You already know that. What you are here for is to read about the best flip screen cameras in the market. Let’s not wait anymore and get straight into the action.

Best Vlogging Camera 2017

Nikon COOLPIX P900 16 MP Digital Camera

The first one in our list is the Nikon CoolPix P900 which is a flagship unit from the brand Nikon. Obviously, you can get it from the title that this is a 16 MP digital camera. What you didn’t get from the title is that it comes with an 83X Optical Zoom. Now, people may ask that what you are going to do with that kind of high zoom in a vlog? This is a valid question but you have answers too.

A deep zoom quality tells us that the camera is good and the pixels will not break down no matter how deep you go in. That says something about the quality and that is exactly what you get from this unit.

The full 1080p video resolution is going to help you produce high-quality videos for your vlog, because by now you probably know that low-quality videos are not going to attract any views. This camera can shoot a video up to 60 fps on a full 1080p resolution which you can also use to add a slow-mo touch to your videos.

Another great feature is the built-in WiFi and NFC (Near Field Communication) which makes it possible to send your photos or videos wireless to any smartphone, tablet or laptop. The same feature also Allows you to share your photos on social media on the go and last but not the least, it allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to control your camera!


  • Super 83x Zoom.
  • WiFi, NFC, and GPS compatibility.
  • Electronic Viewfinder Eye Sensor.


  • Not a pocket sized camera.
  • Lacks manual video recording settings.
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Best Flip Up Screen Camera

Samsung NX Mini 20.5MP Mirrorless Digital Camera

Again, the title of this product pretty much says a lot but we need more information. What we understood till this point is that this is a camera from Samsung that offers 20.5 MP which is pretty slick. The camera comes in a lot of color variation so if the color of the unit is important to you then this is something you will like.

The Samsung NX Mini is an ultra-slim and lightweight camera with a 3 inch flip up touch screen, benfits of the flip up or flip out screen is that you can see exactly what you are going to photograph or what is being recorded while the camera is facing you. It is best for taking selfies or recording a video on the go for your vlog.

There are certain smart features on this camera that you as a vlogger will die for. For example, there is social media integration and direct email features in this camera which will help you to directly take your data wherever you want. Can shoot 1080p HD video at 30 fps which is ok, but the high ISO level of 25600 makes it very sensitive to light which makes it possible to take good quality photos in low-light conditions with a very little noise or blurring.


  • Compact body.
  • Touch screen.
  • One touch recording.


  • Low-resolution LCD
  • No 60p video recording option.
  • Aggressive JPEG noise reduction.
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Flip Screen Camera

Nikon Coolpix S6900 Digital Camera With 12x Optical Zoom

So, this is another unit from the brand Nikon and this is another one from their Coolpix series. Now, the Coolpix series is definitely one of the finest ones when it comes to vlogging. There are two different colors which are black and white. Though we don’t think that the color of the camera is important, you might think otherwise and thus, we mention this all the time.

The 12x optical zoom is the highlight of this camera. The 24x dynamic fine zoom is also there which you might not need as a vlogger but then again, it reflects quality. The 19 scene mode makes sure that you can easily record 1080p videos without any disturbance.

On top of these, you have built in wifi and a great touch panel to make your life easier as a blogger. You can also share photos directly to your smartphone from the camera which is another advantage to have.


  • 19 Scene Modes.
  • Built-in WiFi and NFC feature.
  • 12x optical / 24x dynamic zoom.


  • Not a pocket sized camera.
  • Lacks manual video recording settings.
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Sony Flip Screen Camera

Sony NEX 3NL/B Mirrorless Digital Camera

This is not just a camera but a complete kit that will help you to do vlogging of another level. The quality of this kit is out of the world and there is no reason that why you will not like something like this. Sony makes sure that they take vlogging to another level and Sony NEX 3NL/B mirror less digital camera is another proof of that.

Let’s talk about the most important part of a camera which is pixels. This camera offers you 16.1 MP of quality with a APS-C sensor which will always ensure great image quality as well as video. The self-portraits are easier to create now as the LCD screen is 180 degree tilting.

Also, you can record videos both in 60i and in 24p whichever you prefer which is another advantage to have.


  • Retractable power zoom lens.
  • Up to ISO 16000 sensitivity with advanced noise reduction.
  • Easy self-portraits with 180° tilting LCD screen.


  • No battery charger requires USB adapter.
  • No touch screen.
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Vlogging Camera

Canon Power Shot G5 X Digital Camera

We all know about the brand position that Canon has in the camera industry. They are probably one of the best brands out there in terms of quality in photos and videos. This is another unit that you will like from the brand. This is a high-quality premium camera so it might not be a great pick for everyone but if you have a budget and if you are ready to go for a premium collection, this is the one that you should target.

Now let’s get back to the review, the first notable feature of this camera is the solid build quality and appealing design. It is equipped with a fast 24-100mm, F1.8-2.8 lens which offers high zoom and more sensitivity to light.

The 20.2MP camera is of high quality. The LCD touch panel is there to satisfy you and so is the easily transferrable image system. The built in Wifi or the NFC will suit your needs. The 6.0 fps will help you capture everything that you want to. As a vlogger, you could not have asked for a better unit.


  • Three control dial for quick settings without the need to visit the menu.
  • Touch screen.
  • Fast lens with extra zoom.
  • Electronic View Finder


  • Poor battery life.
  • Slow raw continuous shooting.
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Panasonic DMC- ZS35K

Best vlogging camera under $300

Panasonic DMC- ZS35K 16.1 MP Digital Camera With 3 Inch LCD

Panasonic is another great name in the industry and you will love this DMC ZS35K from the brand. Vlogging is more of a selfie video at times. What you need to make sure that you look good on screen is a big screen, right? After all, you will have to see yourself on the screen while you are shooting. The big 3 inch LCD screen of this Panasonic DMC does exactly that.

When you are shooting a video, it is important that you cover a wider view so that not only your face but the whole area is covered. Thankfully, that is exactly what you get from this unit. The bundle option is better though but you can go for the regular option too if you want. The filter effects are there too if you want to experiment with the photos that you take. Though the filters might not work great with the videos.


  • Filter effects available for photos and videos.
  • Remote shooting and view option for smartphones.
  • 20x Optical Zoom with 24mm Ultra Wide-Angle Lens.


  • Not best for low light conditions.
  • Low battery life.
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Canon G7X

Canon PowerShot G7 X Digital Camera

The next one that we have on our list is the Canon Power Shot G7 which is another extremely popular and premium one to go for. Again, if you do not have a good budget then you might rethink about going for this camera. This is a cool one but the price is also there to hold you back.

The features of this camera are really interesting. What you get is a 20.2MP sensitive sensor which will always come with DIGIC processor. Apart from these, you also get to have 1080p and also 60f range video which is full HD obviously.

The zoom is fantastic and also the internal touch panel that you get on this device is brilliant. Overall, this is one of the finest cameras that you can go for right now.



  • Poor battery life.
  • Continous autofocus sounds may show up in videos.
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Best Canon Vlog Camera

Editor’s Choice
Best Canon Vlog Camera

Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Kit with EF-S

The next camera that we will talk about is the Canon EOS 80D. This is one camera that shook the entire industry with the high-quality and premium price. There are different bundle options that you can go for when you are buying this unit.

The megapixel range is 24.2 which is one of the highest in this vlogging camera industry. You get great pixel with CMOS and the video shooting experience is fast and smooth. You probably would not have asked for more from a vlogging camera. Whatever your need is from a vlogging camera, this one is there to support you with everything.

The autofocus is very accurate and instant. You do not have to wait a minute to get the focus right which is another positive about this camera. On top of everything, you get to choose from different bundles which is another good advantage.

So if you are serious about your vlogging career, this is definitely the best vlogging camera with flip screen out there and we highly recommend it!


  • Dual Pixel AF sensor for continuous AF in movie mode a live view.
  • Dust and weather resistant body.
  • Intelligent Viewfinder.
  • 7 fps continuous shooting speed.


  • No 4k video option.
  • Not optimal in low light.
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Best flip up screen camera

Olympus E-PL5 Mirrorless Digital Camera

If you do not want to pay a lot of money and still want to get something best from the vlogging industry, then this camera from the brand Olympus is your pick. There are three different colors that you can go for including the traditional silver one which is their most popular unit.

You will receive 16MP along with a VI image processor with this unit which is brilliant. The LCD screen is completely flip ready and you can use the live guide system to play with the effects if you want. The camera is very easy to operate which is one of the finest advantages of going for this one.

Let’s face it. This is not the best feature enriched camera that you want to buy. But this is a decent one that comes with everything that you need at a brilliant price range. That is the core competency of this unit.


  • 8fps Sequential Shooting.
  • ISO sensitivity up to 25,600.
  • 12 Art Filters and 7 Art Filter Effects.
  • Dust Reduction System.


  • Slightly larger in size.
  • Slow start-up.
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Final Words

Always make sure that you are reading reviews before you are buying the desired unit. No matter how hard you look at the features, the reviews are always better. Especially, if you can manage to get a review from one of your friends in the vlogging industry then that would be even more valuable. There are also websites out there which do not really care while reviewing. Try to stay away from those websites.

Also, we would suggest that you take time before finalizing the purchase. There are two angles to look at it. One, you can produce a bad vlog and lose subscribers and more importantly, you cannot really go ahead and buy a new vlogging camera every other day. Therefore, you have to make sure that the first one is the best one that you are buying.

Lastly, always experiment with the units that you are buying. Don’t lose hope. Some people can turn a low-quality camera into a high-quality one with their magic. Try that too!

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