Basic Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Guitar is an amazing musical instrument and whether you believe it or not, some people take it more seriously than just impressing girls around. If this is important to you too then you are at the perfect place possible.

We will talk about the basic guitar lessons for beginners here.

A guitar is seen as one of the friendliest music equipment of all time. Every year, millions of beginners try to play guitar or at least plan on learning something. You are probably one of them too. If you are, let’s not worry much because it is not as tough as you think.

Before you start thinking about playing guitar, there are certain things that you should do. This article is more about those mindsets than everything else. You see, setting the mindset is extremely important when you are going for something like a guitar training.

In short, we can divide the guitar training world into two segments.

Old School Guitar Learning

There is the regular offline version where you go to a teacher and try to learn guitar. This takes a lot of money and if your teacher teaches you in a group, there is a chance that you will not be able to learn guitar properly.


We are not taking away anything from the old school method though because it is very good and most quality guitarists that you see around today came out from this very system. So there is nothing or no reason to complain about this system at all.

In most part of the world, the traditional method still works the best. There is one slide exception or change in the traditional method though which is a bit more expensive. In many parts of the world, guitarists from good brands open up their own school or at least coaching program where people go and learn guitar. You can make them come and teach you at home too which will cost a bit more money. That is another way to go about it. Though it costs a bit more, the results will be even better.

Online Guitar Learning

Now, the other method is completely different and a very new one in the industry. IF you are attached to the internet, you know how the internet boom has changed the learning culture among people from all over the world. The online courses or the e-learning platforms took off and you can now learn anything and everything at ease being at your own home with the help of a teacher who lives in another country.

That’s the second idea that we will talk about and recently in the last couple of years, most students who learned guitar cheap used this method to learn. The best part about using videos to learn guitar is that they are cheap and you can get it for free too at times which makes things even more interesting.

Being cheap however is not the only benefit that you receive from those methods. Another great benefit of going with online learning is that you do not have to really worry about whether you are getting it right on the first go or not.

Even if you fail to understand anything on your first go, you can pause, rewind and play as many times as you want. That is one great benefit which you do not get in live training.

So what do we understand from this whole perspective?

Let us not try to complex things as learning guitar itself is a tough task to go for. We learned one thing pretty clearly. If you really want to learn guitar, there are millions of methods to make that happen. Those days are long gone when you could say that you didn’t have a good mentor. If you have the internet then that excuse will not work anymore.

Guitar Strings Names

Now, let’s move to the other important factors to consider. There are different steps of learning guitar. You have to make sure that you are going through every step to make things happen. For example, the first step is always to learn the name of the strings (E, A, D, G, B, E) and then you start by getting introduced to the sounds of these strings. This should always be your first step and if you are starting with anything except this, there is a chance that you will find trouble on the go.

If you face problem remembering the strings name, you can always use the common phrase to remember them,

Elephants And Dogs Grow Big Ears.

Simple as that :).

So, we now know the method that we prefer to learn guitar and we also know the first steps, don’t we? There is one thing that the new guitar learners should know which is that it pains a lot when you start playing guitar. This might not happen with each and every one of you but this is common. You will often see that you are having pain in your hands and especially on the tip of your fingers.

Don’t lose hope because of the pain. This is very normal and this happens with all of us. Once you start to play guitar for a while, you will see that the pain is completely gone.

Patience is the key

Also, don’t try to push it too hard when you are beginning. I have seen some guitarists (the teachers) go really angry when you ask about the chords of certain songs on the first day of lesson. Let’s not make them angry this time, alright?

We have the internet and we also have access to millions of chords from the world. It is not a crime to find and play songs with the chords from the internet. Simply browse and find the chords of your favorite songs. Keep trying.


Always start with the basic chords. By basic, we mean that you should not go for the complex chords such as major or bar chords at the beginning.

One good idea is to start with the chord A. A is one of the easiest chords to start with. After you are done learning A, go for the chord C. When you learn the chord C properly, it should be time to learn the chord D.

When you learn A, C & D, you will be able to play a few interesting songs. Search for the guitar chords of your favorite songs and you will see a lot of A, C & D in them. Hoorah! You can start playing now.

p.s. don’t be this guy.

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