23 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets Under $50 – 2018 Reviews

This is 2017 and the world is very different now than it has been ever before. Technology and unique tools have taken over most tasks and kitchen is no different. If you think carefully, you will be amazed to realize how hard it was to operate in your kitchen even 20 years ago from today.

Now we have different tools and gadgets for every situation. Where some of them are of no real use, there are some extremely good ones too which can take away many of your hardship within seconds.

A kitchen is more than a place to just cook a daily meal for most people. It is a place where your kids learn how to cook, it is your place of comfort and experiment too. Kitchen is that one place that men, women & even some kids look up to have satisfaction and creativity juice flowing.

We will talk about 23 awesome gadgets now that can solve your different kitchen needs! You might not need all 23 depending on what you do at kitchen but you will surely require at least a few of them to make your life easier as a smart person. There is no way to not go for any of these gadgets if you are trying to solve issues at a quicker speed being smart about it. After all, that is what the task of gadgets are. Let’s start.

Clever Cutter 2 in 1 Food Chopper

What is the primary task that you do at kitchen which is delicate and takes the most time? Yes, it is cutting. Whether it is cheese or an apple, cutting takes time and you have now tools to minimize that time. It is not about time though. You can also be a perfectionist if you use tools like clever cutter.

This is an easy to use cutting tool made of stainless steel that can reduce your cutting time into half. This doesn’t only cut from the top but it can chop too. The unit comes at a real low price and this has been a kitchen best seller since ages.

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JAMIE OLIVER All Purpose 3-in-1 Peeler

What comes after solving your cutting needs? What is the next problem? It is peeling. Depending on what kind of foodie you are, you might need a peeler. Peeler takes care of fruits at ease within seconds. The idea is really simple. Why would you invest so much time and brain into peeling off a fruit when a peeler can do the trick?

This all purpose 3 in 1 peeler can do more than just peeling. There are three different blades including one for only vegetables and one for soft fruits.

There is also a blemish removal tool which is easy enough to use.

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Bear Paws Pork Shredder

Bear paws and pulled pork shredder claws combo are something that every home should have. They are super cheap, they come in different colors and they actually work. Isn’t that enough? These bear paws are FDA approved and they are also heat resistant so that there is no risk of anything bad happening.

Pork shredding becomes so much easy when you have one of these at hand. All units are made in the USA which ensures quality and they have been featured on countless television channels with their simple design that actually works. Pork shredding bear paws is a must have for every single home.

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Pancake Batter Dispenser

What do most people cook to show off? Think about it. There is a specific type of cooking that require extra preparation and is celebrated all over the world. Yes, we are talking about cooking items like cupcake, waffles, muffin mix and baked goods. If you are into any of these then the pancake batter dispenser is something that you must have.

The tool is super easy to use, has a wide mouth and the squeezing feature makes your task even easier. The portion control options will make sure that you are not going over the top.

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Kitchen Maestro Pizza Scissors

This is a clear one to understand. Are you a pizza lover? Do you like eating pizza? You definitely need a pizza scissor at your home then. There is no denying of that fact that you do not want to ruin the shape of a pizza before you have the first bite. There is no way that your hands are good enough to take care of it either if you are going for big pizzas.

The only solution left is going for a pizza scissor. These are wildly popular, these are super easy to use and the safe nylon body makes your life safe too.


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>Zenker Stainless Steel Layer Cake Slicing Kit

The cake slicer and leveler from the brand Zenker are the next thing that you might need. A cake is something that is made with care and attention. Great taste is never enough when you are dealing with cake. The cake has to be good looking and there have to be proper layers in your cake. That is what makes a cake interesting.

This tool helps you make those happen. You can slice up to 8 uniform layers when you are using this one. The unit is darn easy to use and the size options are perfect for any cake lover out there.

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RioRand Manual Stainless Steel Twisted Potato Slicer

Potato is considered as the most eaten vegetable all around the globe. There are different ways of eating a potato. Some people boil potato before they eat but most make either French fry or round chips. If your intention is to do any of those two then this is the unit for you. This low maintained unit makes sure that you can cut your potato pieces within seconds in shapes that you want.

Simply use your one hand to hold the potato and cut from the other one. The rubber handle is non-slippery and the machine is good enough to fit all sizes of potatoes so there is no tension there either.

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Elite Cuisine EGC-007B Maxi-Matic Egg Cooker

Boiled egg is really good for your health. The English style of having breakfast has eggs in it and obviously, there are reasons. An egg is full of protein but the problem is in somewhere else. Boiling an egg takes a lot of time. As this is more of a breakfast dish, you might not have that amount of time to waste on boiling eggs in the morning.

That is where an electric egg boiler comes into play that can boil up to seven eggs at a time. As this is electric, you would not have to check whether the eggs are boiled or not as the machine turns off automatically when it is done.

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Sante Cookware Sushezi Sushi Made Easy

What is a sushi bazooka? It is a kitchen device made to make your sushi cooking life a lot easier than before. The sushi rolling process will never seem this easy when you have the unit in your kitchen. This bazooka from the brand Camp Chef makes sure that you always have the perfect rolled and rounded sushi which is of restaurant quality.

The unit is easy to use and the size is big enough to fit a large bowl at one go. The unit also includes things like a plunger or an end cape and sushi tube to make life even easier.

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7 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker with Digital Timer

The importance of slow cooker is pretty evident. The best part is having a slow cooker from a brand like Black & Decker who are promising enough in making sure that they always deliver the best quality possible. This slow cooker has everything that you need I none. From digital timer to auto off feature, from different colors to stainless steel body, you could not have asked for more in a slow cooker that comes at that price range.

There are different heat settings but there is no manual heat setting option which makes it even easier for everyone to operate this unit.

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AD Kitchenware Cooking Gas Torch

You might have seen flame guns in those popular YouTube videos where they burn stuff. There is actual kitchen usage of these products too and the usage is pretty easy and interesting. The push and twist feature makes it easy for you to use this flame gun. Flame guns sound dangerous and therefore, the company made sure that there is no risk associated with this one.

Where it can go up to 1300 degree celsius, it is an extremely safe device with anti-flare system. Also, you can use it both in upright and sidewise.


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Wilton 2308-1134 Spring 18 Piece Metal Cookie Cutter Set

This is not just a cookie cutter but a complete cookie cutter set which will make sure that you do not have to face any issues with cookies anymore in life. This stays in your kitchen and helps you in those situations. There are different designs such as a bunny face, egg, butterfly, watering can and more so that kids can enjoy the look of their cookies.

A cookie is a delicious item to eat and you have to make sure that the cutting and the shaping are fun enough. This unit does exactly that. You will not get 18 different shapes at this price anywhere else.

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Double End Adjustable Scale Measuring Spoon

People do not understand the proper importance of an adjustable measuring spoon. You must have this in your kitchen for several reasons. Human eyes and human intentions are never perfect. Often, you would not want to take more than 2 mg of sugar but you will end up taking 10 only because you do not have a measuring spoon. Therefore, this is a must need.

You can measure pretty much everything with this one whether the item is wet or dry. The number carvings are clear and visible enough to help. The using process is easy and simple too.

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Home Kitchen Cake Pie Slicer

Do you love cake? What is the one thing that you suffer with the most when you are serving cakes? Yes, it is the cutting process. Unless it is a birthday, you want bigger pieces of a cake and it is not possible to always pre-cut the cake especially if you are making it at home. Therefore, you will need a slicing knife and this is it.

You can also cut a pie in the same way with this knife. This is a plastic knife which is extremely safe for everyone. There are different colors for you to go for too.


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JAMIE OLIVER Stainless Steel Masher

What is the task of a potato masher? The task of a potato masher is to mash your potato so that you can eat yummy mashed potato! Sounds simple, right? Mashing potato manually is a tough task and require a huge amount of time which you will never have. Therefore, the hole based masher is a life savior. The handle is easy and simple to use. The whole unit is dishwasher safe which is another plus point about this product.

There is also a silicone side scraper type thing which will make sure that you are not wasting mashed potato from the edges of the bowl.

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Halogen Convection Oven

Halogen oven was an interesting invention and something that the world accepted right away. A halogen oven will basically allow you so that you can easily fry, roast or grill stuff without thinking twice. The automatic 60-minute timer takes care of everything for you. You do not have to have even the basic cooking sense to use this one. The temperature can go up to 250 degrees and the unit also comes with 2 years of warranty.

Also, when you buy a halogen oven, you get to have things like a cooking tray, gloves and some other extras which are fun to have.

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Mini Non Stick Cartoon Omelette Fry Pan

What is the benefit of having a special egg frying pan? Can’t you just fry your egg on a regular pan? Well, not really because egg frying pans are made in a certain way to make sure that you always get that perfect round shape when you are frying eggs.

It doesn’t have to always be eggs though. You can also cook pancake or anything round shaped using this pan. Also, there is a heart shape inside so if you are cooking liquid, there will always be a heart shape at the bottom middle of your dish which is interesting.

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Stainless Steel Foldable Steam Rinse Strain Fry Basket

They say frying is an art and it actually is. Frying takes time and you have to make sure that you are putting in the right kind of tools in the process to make it happen. This strainer and frying basket is exactly that.

This is an extremely high-quality unit with 304 stainless steel made body and durable design. The unit is also easy to clean which is another advantage. There is no sharp edge which is very common among these types of baskets. The company also made sure that the unit remains hygienic for a long period of time. You can also use it to store fruits and other stuff when you are not frying anything.

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Cupcake Decorating Kit

Why do people eat cupcake? They are cakes on a cup and there is nothing special about it, right? Well, you are wrong. The main reason that people eat cupcake is because of the design and the ambience around. It is not just a cake but a fun moment to enjoy for everyone.

Therefore, it is good to have a cupcake decorating kit at your kitchen if you make cupcakes. It just makes the whole process a lot easier. This Cupcake decorating kit that we are talking about has piping, disposable bags and practically everything to help you make your cupcakes look great.

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RSVP Herb Scissors

This is practically the perfect scissor for you if you are interested into cutting and managing herbs. This is something that you are bound to keep in your kitchen. The scissor is nice looking and more importantly, the blades are extraordinary in terms of quality. There are 5 different 3-inch blades that will help you cut your herb.

The scissor is dishwasher safe and the plastic handle is easy to grip. The whole scissor is around 7.5inch in terms of length. The silicone made body and the plastic handle is a perfect combination of what you need to cut your herbs.

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Hamilton Beach 25490A Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

A sandwich is the perfect solution of snacks no matter which country you are in and which time it is of the day. Whether it is morning, afternoon or late night, a sandwich maker comes handy all the time. This Hamilton Beach 25490A dual breakfast sandwich maker is something that you will love. It can make up to two sandwiches every go and the whole process takes around 5 minutes.

There are different channels to use different ingredients including egg, cheese and much more. All in all, a perfect sandwich and snack solution for you to have in your kitchen.

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Magic Bullet Blender

Well, this is a basic one. You have to have a blender in your kitchen and there is hardly any better one to have than this magic bullet blender. This one is smart, this one has 11 different pieces and it comes in different colors.

This blender is a small one and it can actually chop and mix your food items. There is a 10-second recipe book that comes with the blender and it is completely dishwasher safe to use.



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ZenWare 6 Piece Multi Color Ceramic Cutlery Kitchen Knives

The ceramic knife set is something that we will end this post with. Obviously, you have to have a knife set at your kitchen, right? This is an ultra sharp set with Zircon blade which is probably the sharpest of all types.

The ceramic blades are super sharp and they are long enough for different situations. They are lightweight and they are super easy to use too which is important. This is a 4 size pack which means that you will receive 4 different knives along with a peeler and a holder.


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