How to Start a Vlog Successfully in 2018 – Tips and Tricks

How to start a successful vlog

So, how do you start a successful vlog? Vlogging is one of the finest methods of expressing yourself and to some people, it is a great way to earn money too. If you have that question that how can you start a vlog actually then this article might help you with that.

This article will talk about the steps that you need to take if you are interested into joining the vlogging industry and making it big. There is a spoiler alert though which you should take into account. Vlogging is not one of the easiest tasks to go for. It takes time and effort to be a vlogger. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are really giving it a hard try and thoughts before you actually join the field.

Now that you have decided that it is vlogging where you are going to spend all your attention, let’s go ahead and have a look at how to start a successful vlog for you.

The first step is finding your vlog idea. Remember, not all vloggers are successful. You have to find the idea that you are good at. Is it making people laugh? Is it pet parenting? Is it talking about sports? Try to think and find your topic of interest. Then try to match it with an industry. Remember, it has to be a good industry where you will find lots of topics to talk about. Also, it has to be an industry where you are interested to work in. That is a rear match and you got to spend enough time to find something that you actually like.

After you found your idea, the next step is to source content. We recommend that you source content idea for your first 10 vlogs first before you do anything in terms of recording. There is a reason behind saying that. Remember, if you are just jumping on a task immediately after sourcing one idea then you might not find another idea ahead. Now, you already went for your first idea, right? What if you cannot produce anything anymore? Will that be a successful vlog? The answer is no! Therefore, always generate enough idea before going for your first vlog.

Your next task is to invest in proper equipment. Always remember that if you are not investing in proper equipment, you are missing out on being a quality vlogger. The only method or at least, one of the best methods to differentiate a regular vlogger from a good one is his equipment.

You should never hesitate in investing on a good camera or a good tripod. Do not think that you will buy those things once your vlog starts generating money because it will never generate money if the quality is not up to the mark since the competition is already too high and producing low-quality content will do you no good.  Therefore, do not hesitate to invest in proper stuff. Then again, we are not asking you to go crazy with your money. Do some research, read reviews about some good vlogging cameras try to find out what camera do youtubers use, other accessories you might need are a tripod, microphone, a basic soft light kit etc. When you are sure about the gear that will be sufficient to get you started, go ahead and spend some cash.

After you have selected and purchased your gear, all you need now is a video editing software. There are few options available, you can go ahead with a paid one or you can also try free ones as long as they can do the basic task such as cropping video, adding background music and some basic effects.

Interact with Audience

Don’t just be within yourself when you are doing your vlog. Remember, people are not watching your vlog for the information that you are offering. Yes, the information is important but it is more important that you offer them information in an interesting way. There are thousands of information providers out there and if you are not interesting, your viewers will move away.

Therefore, try to interact with your audience as much as you can. Try to talk to them, give them tasks to complete, ask them to share, like and all those social media tasks. Make sure that your audience has the chance to do something for you, every single time.

Be Regular

Consistency is always the key. We already talked about the importance of having multiple ideas before you actually start working. The rule is that simple here too. You have to make sure that you are being constant with whatever you are doing. Do not just stop after publishing one vlog. If you publish 2 vlogs a week, make sure that you publish another two vlogs in the next week and that continues for a year.

Also, don’t over do things. Don’t suddenly go ahead and publish 7 vlogs in one week if your regular average is only two. Keep your resources intact for the bad days.

Stay Focused

Try to stay as focused as possible. There will be tough times and you will see that things are not going as per your plan. That’s alright to be honest. It won’t be fun for you if things go exactly like you planned. Challenges are fun if you are ready to fight. Therefore, make sure that you are focused and ready to take whatever is out there.

Build Community

Try to build a community. Do not think that if you continue to publish vlogs in Youtube for example, that will bring results. Try to be active in all the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram and so on. Remember, you have audiences to get in every single space and if you are not getting them, someone else will.

Social media is the most vital method of attracting visitors to your vlog. The more social media you target, the more is the chance of getting visitors. Therefore, take the opportunity and work hard on your community building skills.

Get Vlog Savvy

The last task to start a successful blog is to be vlog savvy. Try to built connections and try to follow the footprints of other successful vloggers. See what they are doing and contact them if necessary. They say, it is always important to know the right people to be someone in the industry.

You can spend time on vlog channels such as Marcus Butler, Casper Lee, Anna May Fox, Cherry Wallis and there are many more to look up to!

To start vlogging, the best idea is to go with YouTube. YouTube is the perfect place for any vlogger to start his/her journey. You can also start posting vlogs on your Facebook page and even on Vine.

While that is not entirely true, try to work on it. Publish vlogs with other vloggers to broaden your community. Keep on experimenting. The field is still new and nobody knows what will work and what won’t. Therefore, don’t stop taking chances.

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